Payment is due in full at booking.


Photographer will reserve the session time and will not make another reservation for the specified time frame. For this reason, all payments are non-refundable if the session is cancelled or changed for any reason. If client(s) cancels session a credit can be issued in certain circumstances related to the cancellation reason.


Client understands and agrees that Client is hiring Photographer to perform Photographer’s services in Photographer’s own discretion and style. Client has no authority to control the manner in which Photographer takes photos. Client understands they are hiring Photographer to shoot to their best ability and decide which images make it into your preview gallery. No shots are guaranteed. No expressions are guaranteed by Client(s). 


Photographer will archive digital files of all photos taken for Client for up to year.  Photographer does not guarantee back-up photographs, prints or data after this time. If client needs access to the images past 1 year, there will be an archival fee of $75 due upon request of images,


All photos and images taken by  remain the sole, copyrighted, intellectual property of Holly Howard Photography.  Photographer may reproduce, use and distribute the photos and images for any personal, business, marketing or studio purpose. 

  • Client shall not modify or otherwise alter Photographer’s photographic materials. Client shall never edit, filter, or alter images; including but not limited to Instagram filters and Facebook filters.  
  • Client shall not post physically or in digital form, including on any social media website, blog or application, any of Photographer’s photos without attributing Photographer.  Please tag @hollyhowardphotography on Instagram or tag Holly Howard Photography on Facebook.  
  • Client shall not publish photos for financial gain without Photographer’s written consent and attribution to Photographer. For example, having images featured in magazines or other digital publications. In those instances the publication will need permission from photographer to legally repost images and in most cases will require a commercial release that can be purchased.